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Public Meeting Overview

The public meeting and survey are now closed. The I-526 Lowcountry Corridor EAST public information meeting and survey were presented to the public July 15 – August 15, 2020. Materials for the public meeting are below.

Project Background 

SCDOT is conducting a Planning & Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study for I-526 LCC EAST, which extends from Virginia Avenue in North Charleston to approximately US 17 in Mount Pleasant. The PEL study will identify existing and projected transportation issues within the corridor through public and stakeholder engagement.

The results of the study will help establish a vision for the corridor that will guide future transportation decision-making. This resulting information of the PEL study will be carried into the next phase of project development which is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. After the needs are better understood in this corridor, and potential improvements identified, the next steps, including potential phasing and project opportunities, may be developed. To learn more about the I-526 LCC study area and the PEL study process and schedule, view the boards below.

Where is the I-526 LCC EAST?

View a map of the study limits of the I-526 LCC EAST & WEST projects.

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What is a Planning & Environmental Linkages Study?

Learn about the benefits of doing a PEL study before NEPA and the major milestones schedule for this study.

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More on the PEL study process (FHWA)

What is the purpose of the improvements identified in this study?

Review the draft Purpose & Need of the transportation improvements identified in the study and additional study considerations.

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What are we hearing from
the I-526 LCC EAST survey?

Take a look to see some of the initial results of the I-526 LCC EAST survey. Remember, this survey has been extended through August 15, 2020, so take it now.

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What other projects are being developed in the area?

There are many transportation improvement projects happening nearby which are accounted for in this study. Check them out in this interactive map.

How are projects identified, and how do we pick the right solutions?

Watch this five-minute video to learn more.


Growing Mobility Considerations

Our region is experiencing several trends affecting transportation, such as population growth, job creation, and changing technology and transportation preferences. Understanding these current and future trends and issues will allow the study team to best identify possible improvements to evaluate. Below, explore some of these trends and challenges along the corridor, including what traffic might be like if no improvements are proposed. 

We hope to get your input in our survey on the challenges and opportunities you see in the corridor, as well as gather information on historic or cultural resources in the area! But first, take a look at our preliminary traffic data by exploring the boards below, and let us know if your experience matches! 

What are the safety concerns in the corridor today?

Overview of the crash analysis in the corridor.

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What do we know about the bridges in the corridor?

The I-526 LCC EAST corridor is over 65% bridges. This is an overview of those bridges and their needs.

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How might our region change
by 2050?

Highlights of projected changes in the region that may impact transportation needs.

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What might traffic be like in 2050 if no improvements are proposed?

Map of traffic congestion during rush hours now and in 2050.

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How many vehicles, including trucks, will travel this section of I-526 in 2050?

Map of overall number of vehicles, and trucks in specific, using the EAST corridor now and in 2050.

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What are current travel speeds like
on I-526?

Map of observed travel speeds during rush hours.

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What is the work I see going on along the corridor now, on the bridge and with the tree trimmings?

A description of the maintenance underway on the Wando Bridge and the purpose behind tree trimmings along the corridor.

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The survey and official comment period closed on August 15, 2020. While we accept comments throughout the project development process, official public comment periods are aligned with the study schedule to ensure your comment is received during the periods in which public input is needed the most to advance the study.

We encourage you to participate and follow the study progress. If you would like to receive email updates, please ensure the box is checked below when submitting a comment. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.