Community residents and members of the 526 LCC WEST Community Advisory Council (CAC) emphasized that many low income and minority residents felt like they had adverse impacts from prior I-26 and I-526 transportation projects that included the following:

  • Not properly informed or assisted with relocations
  • Adverse effects to family generational wealth created by land ownership due to cumulative acquisitions from original construction of I-26 and I-526
  • Diminished economic vitality due to depreciated home values, a high number of vacant or underdeveloped parcels, and a high number of homes in disrepair
  • Due to a lack of access to legal resources, many early black landowners did not have wills, therefore their descendants now lack clear titles, and this has hindered residents from performing home repairs or building new homes
  • Residents feel there have been adverse effects to economic vitality due to what they consider improper compensation (for property impacts) from original construction of I-26
  • Concerned that local zoning changes have negatively impacted the value of the properties in the community

SCDOT opened the Community Office at the initiation of the environmental phase of work to provide the community with access to Right-of-Way Specialists who are available to share project information by way of maps, videos, and other public involvement event materials; explain the property acquisition and relocation process; and inform impacted residents of their rights under the Uniform Act. Learn more about right-of-way. In addition to providing these resources, SCDOT has incorporated a commitment to provide enhanced right-of-way services to the impacted residents in order to further mitigate these adverse impacts.

NEW! Acquisition Fairness Program

The Acquisition Fairness Program offers independent property appraisals paid by SCDOT for second opinions of property value and owners may be eligible for additional Mitigation Payments to address property values impacted by previous public acquisitions or zoning changes.

NEW! Enhanced Relocation Mitigation Assistance

SCDOT will offer additional supplemental rental mitigation payments based on income and rent for up to an additional 18 months (in addition to 42 months provided under the Uniform Act). Businesses may also be eligible for an additional mitigation payment to cover their actual expenses in reestablishing their business above the maximum amounts allowed under state and federal law.