Planning Studies

I-526 Analysis Project

In an effort to address existing and future congestion and operational issues of the I-526 LCC WEST in Charleston County, SCDOT commissioned a 2013 study to develop a long-range plan for the corridor.

Final Addendum

The addendum was conducted to consider the impacts of two proposed Charleston International Airport area improvement projects on the I-526 study corridor, particularly at the I-526 interchanges with International Boulevard and Montague Avenue.

Important Disclaimer

The I-526 Corridor Analysis Report included here for reference was completed in 2013 for the project study area. The 2013 Corridor Study is a TRANSPORTATION PLANNING document. The purpose of this planning study was to evaluate potential approaches for improving traffic flow through the transportation corridor. This report includes conceptual interchange and road widening alternatives that were offered for consideration as ways to improve the traffic moving through the corridor. However, these are only conceptual alternatives that were evaluated from a traffic analysis standpoint. SCDOT will develop design alternatives during the NEPA process which will factor many more features such as site conditions and human and natural resources of concern that are identified through field studies and public involvement. The actual design alternatives developed during NEPA will therefore be different from the conceptual traffic improvement alternatives developed in the 2013 Corridor Study.